Artist Statement

“My main objective as an artist is simple: to creep the living hell out of my viewers. Themes of fear, corruption and transformation make up the core of my work, resulting in the consistently dark tone seen throughout. All of my subjects are hand drawn or painted and brought to life with eye gripping textures.” – EBK


Erik Burton Kirchner is an American visual artist and graphic designer best known for his works of art created for heavy metal bands. Born May 2nd, 1988 in Fresno, California, he found his first artistic inspiration in the animal kingdom. Predatory insects in particular provided an abundant source of creative inspiration for his first drawings and paintings. In his early teens, he began to experiment with photographic manipulation using Adobe Photoshop. Combining hand-drawn compositions with his own photographs, Erik began forming the foundation of his artistic identity.

After years of practice, he decided to attend Fresno State University to attain his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. He used his assignments as opportunities to expand his creative toolkit and solidify his artistic identity. In 2012, he officially began creating artworks for some of his favorite metal bands; Sybreed, Sphere and Humanity’s Last Breath were the first bands to agree to work with him. He soon thereafter graduated with his BA Degree in May of 2012. Since then, Erik has launched his own website and designed dozens of album covers, logos and merchandise for musicians and bands from all over the world. He currently lives in Sacramento, California.


For commissions please send me your request details using this contact form. I need to know the scope of your project and an estimated deadline. Pricing varies depending on these variables and will be communicated via email.

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