The Art of Erik Kirchner
The Art of Erik Kirchner


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Erik Burton Kirchner, born 1988, is an American visual artist and graphic designer best known for his works of art created for various metal bands. Predatory insects and sci-fi monsters were the main sources of creative inspiration for his earliest drawings and paintings. As a teenager, he began to experiment with photographic manipulation using Adobe Photoshop software. Combining hand-drawn compositions with his own photographs, Erik formed the foundation of his artistic identity.

After years of practice he attended Fresno State University and attained his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. In 2012, he officially became a freelance artist, creating artworks for some of his favorite metal bands. Sybreed, Sphere and Humanity’s Last Breath were the first bands to agree to work with him. Since then, Erik has launched his own website and designed dozens of album covers, logos and merchandise for musicians from all across the world. He currently lives in Sacramento, California with his loving, supportive wife Sara.



Erik has had the immense privilege of working with some of the most genuinely talented musicians on the planet. Although most were introduced as strangers, many have become close friends. It’s such a rare and precious thing for two artists of different crafts to equally inspire one another, and yet Erik has been fortunate enough to have formed several of these symbiotic bonds while working his craft. He would like to give heaps of credit to a few of these brothers in particular for the many opportunities and unwavering support they have so willingly provided him from the very first day he decided to offer his artistic services: Thomas “Drop” Betrisey, Benjamin Nominet, Ales Campanelli, Dominik Kowalczyk, and Marius Strand. Thanks to connections like these, Erik is constantly inspired and motivated to continue pushing his creative limits.

Bands: Alien Orchestra, Aronious, Ater, By The Beard of Zeus, Caynug, Chaos In Order, DeadHeaven, Deathcode Society, Devolver, Echopraxia, The Erkonauts, Ever Since, Humanity’s Last Breath, Mist of Dead End, Niverlare, Nociceptor, Obsydians, Ocean of Emptiness, Shadow Domain, Sokar’s Rest, Sphere, Sybreed, Wasting The Genesis, Xaon, Zeolite.

Labels & Studios: Bleeding Nose Records, Caynug Records, Downtone Studio, Euroblast Collective, The Flaming Arts, Impact Studios, Indie Recordings, Insania Recordings, Mighty Mouse Records, Mislealia Records, Rogue Records America.



Feel free to email Erik at Important Note: Due to health limitations Erik is currently NOT accepting ANY commissions outside of his core clientele. He apologizes for the inconvenience and hopes to reassess his availability once fully healed.


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