Artist Statement

“My main objective as an artist is simple: to creep the living hell out of my viewers. Themes of fear, corruption and transformation make up the core of my work, resulting in the consistently dark tone seen throughout. All of my subjects are drawn or painted and brought to life with gritty hand crafted textures. I currently enjoy being an album artist for metal bands, but would love to eventually apply my artistic skills to the movie or video game industries.” – EBK


Erik Burton Kirchner is an American visual artist and graphic designer best known for his works of art created for heavy metal bands. Born May 2nd, 1988 in Fresno, California, he found his first artistic inspiration in the animal kingdom. Predatory insects in particular provided an abundant source of creative inspiration for his first drawings and paintings. In his early teens, he began to experiment with photographic manipulation using Adobe Photoshop. Combining hand-drawn compositions with his own photographs, Erik began forming the foundation of his artistic identity.

After years of practice, he decided to attend Fresno State University to attain his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. He used his assignments as opportunities to expand his creative toolkit and solidify his artistic identity. In 2012, he officially began creating artworks for some of his favorite metal bands; Sybreed, Sphere and Humanity’s Last Breath were the first bands to agree to work with him. He soon thereafter graduated with his BA Degree in May of 2012. Since then, Erik has launched his own website and designed dozens of album covers, logos and merchandise for musicians and bands from all over the world. He currently lives in Sacramento, California.


If you are interested in commissioning me for an album art project, please take a look at the service packs I offer below. Head to the Contact page to send a request.

Cover Pack

+ High Resolution Cover Art
+ Flattened and Cropped Versions
+ Original Layered Photoshop File

Estimated time: 1-2 weeks

Basic Pack

+ Cover Pack Contents (see above)
+ Template Design for print (Jewel or Digipak)
+ Plain Booklet w/Lyrics (8 pg max)
+ Basic Disc Design

Note: With this pack, cropped views of the cover art will be used for each panel of the package and the lyric booklet will be void of art.

Estimated time: 4-6 weeks

Advanced Pack

+ Cover Pack Contents (see above)
+ Template Design for print (Jewel or Digipak)
+ Custom Booklet w/Lyrics + Art (16p max)
+ Custom Disc Design

Note: With this pack, uniques pieces of art will be designed for each panel of the package and every page of the lyric booklet.

Estimated time: 6-8 weeks


We worked with Erik on record covers, t-shirts and merch on various supports. Everything always goes down smoothly. Hey pays attention to every little detail we mention and goes as close to our vision as possible without compromising his art. We have more ongoing projects with him, and I’m sure we’ll have even more in the future.
— Ales Campanelli on behalf of The Erkonauts
Erik was incredibly helpful with spontaneous feedback. Any time I wanted something done, it got done. Even after the art and logos were done. I appreciated every second we worked together and the result certainly speaks for itself.
— Buster Odeholm on behalf of Humanity's Last Breath
Working with Erik was an absolute pleasure, and the product that I received after dealing with him, every time, without fail, was incredible. I approached Erik to complete a number of commissions for my band, Zeolite. Without fail, given the specificity of direction, or lack of it, Erik always managed to produce works that I already held in my minds eye, with often little to no direction. His art work is incredible. A friendly approachable dude who will bend over backwards to achieve your artistic vision, whilst remaining amicable, easy to work with, and above, all flexible. I cannot praise him, or his work, highly enough.
— Patrick Haas on behalf of Zeolite
I would like to thank Erik for an amazing job helping us with the design of our debut album! The artwork is fantastic! Lovely, detailed textures! Primordial is an album that we are very proud of in every way, and the graphical artwork is an important part of that. It illustrates the production and lyrics much better than what we had expected. As a professional, Erik has been very easy to work with. He listens to our input, and gave us great advice during the process. He works hard to create the best possible solution. I will give him my highest recommendations! He’s a far better artist than what he charges.
— Øystein Sundsbo on behalf of Sphere

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