The Art of Erik Kirchner
The Art of Erik Kirchner

False Light Constructs

Cover Art, Video

Single cover art and lyric video for Swiss industrial metal band, Obsydians. This image was created for their first single, False Light Constructs, which depicts a death portal in a space void of time. We are witnessing a man submit to the welcoming light of death, only to have his brain stripped from his disintegrating body. The ancient Obsydians symbol is half-buried and harnesses the power of the portal. Its design and surroundings are purposely dangerous to act as warning signals to deter people from the false promise of ascendance. Wavy textures help convey the ominous power in the air, while digital and analog elements represent the futuristic nature of the synths used in the song.

Release Date: April 13, 2018

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Obsydians - False Light Constructs (feat. Jon Howard) OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO

This was my first attempt at making an official lyric video with Adobe After Effects.