The Art of Erik Kirchner
The Art of Erik Kirchner


The digital art gallery of album artist Erik Burton Kirchner. His work is often described as dark, creepy, intense and surreal.


Recent Releases

Obsydians // Axiom Fallacy

Obsydians // False Light Constructs

Ocean of Emptiness // Self-Titled


Artwork Services


Album Art

Complete album layouts that are designed for print and full of original art on every page and panel. Pricing is flexible and will vary depending on the complexity of the desired template and number of booklet pages requested. Digipaks require more work and thus cost a bit more to design and print. Jewel case templates are still commonly used as they are easier to design and cheaper to produce.


Cover Art

Single covers are perfect for independent artists who are on a budget and looking for a cover created specifically for digital release. All covers are designed and delivered in high resolution so the artwork can be used in multiple formats. The original PSD file can be purchased for an additional fee if requested. This is typically only necessary for those creating a dynamic lyric video.

Client Testimonials

We worked with Erik on record covers, t-shirts and merch on various supports. Everything always goes down smoothly. He pays attention to every little detail we mention and goes as close to our vision as possible without compromising his art. We have more ongoing projects with him, and I’m sure we’ll have even more in the future.
— Ales Campanelli // The Erkonauts
Primordial is an album that we are very proud of in every way, and the graphical artwork is an important part of that. It illustrates the production and lyrics much better than what we had expected. As a professional, Erik has been very easy to work with. He listens to our input, and gave us great advice during the process. He works hard to create the best possible solution. I will give him my highest recommendations! He’s a far better artist than what he charges.
— Øystein Sundsbo // Sphere
Erik was incredibly helpful with spontaneous feedback. Any time I wanted something done, it got done. Even after the art and logos were done. I appreciated every second we worked together and the result certainly speaks for itself.
— Buster Odeholm // Humanity's Last Breath
I approached Erik to complete a number of commissions for my band, Zeolite. Without fail, given the specificity of direction, or lack of it, Erik always managed to produce works that I already held in my minds eye, with often little to no direction. His art work is incredible. A friendly approachable dude who will bend over backwards to achieve your artistic vision, whilst remaining amicable, easy to work with, and above all flexible. I cannot praise him, or his work, highly enough.
— Patrick Haas // Zeolite

Prints For Sale


Limited Edition Prints

Three of my most popular personal pieces are available for purchase in the form of limited edition prints: The Racing Heart, Port of Hunger, and Explosion of Decay. Only ten of each were hand signed and numbered on professionally printed museum quality fine art paper, so get your hands on one before they are all gone! All profits will go toward the production of cheaper alternatives in the future: shirts, posters, etc.